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Nidan test, Brian Wienberg

Kyu Testing, August 20th

We need to thank Yamada Shihan and Steve Pimsler Shihan for an amazing seminar.
forward to our 50th Anniversary in 2017! Don't miss it! Details soon!

Kyu and Dan testing at Aikido Center of Atlanta on May 21st during our 10am class.
All eligible students need to be signed up for testing by May 18th. Your Sponsor must be the one who signs you up for testing. See you on the mat!

Kagami Baraki at the Aikido Center of Atlanta. Over ten dojo were represented.
Thanks to everyone who participated!

Aikido Center of Atlanta
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Little Dragonflies

Little Dragonflies (ages 5-7), 4:30pm Tuesday and Thursday. Try a Free Class!