Aikido Center of Atlanta


Getting Started

You can join and begin attending classes at any time. It's easy. First, we recommend that you come by during any regularly scheduled class to observe, speak with the students and Instructors and ask questions. If you like, you can wear something comfortable (like sweats) and get on the mat to try a class for free.

If you decide to join, you will be assigned a new student coordinator who will walk you through the enrollment process. You will be asked to fill out a release form with your general information such as address, phone number, etc. You will pay your first month s dues directly to the Aikido Center of Atlanta via cash, check or credit card. Dues are $105 per month for adults and $95 per month for children (see Class Dues for details). Paying your monthly dues entitles you to practice as often as you like. Families may take advantage of our discount rate of half off for each additional family member.

We will need to fill out a one page form to set up your continuing dues payment. We use a billing company which will either bill your credit card or checking account each month. There is no term contract involved. You may resign your membership from the Aikido Center at any time by simply giving thirty days notice either to us or the billing company directly and your dues payment will cease.

If you would like to purchase a uniform from us, the price is $65 for adults, $45 for children. (You may purchase one elsewhere if you like or wear one you already own so long as it is a plain white do-gi.) Upon enrolling, you will be given a New Student Guide book which should help you to become familiar with the terms, traditions and culture of the Dojo.

We do not offer special classes for beginners only. We have found that students progress much more rapidly if they receive individual attention. Therefore, your new student coordinator will work with you individually or assign another senior student to work with you one-on-one until you feel comfortable in the class. (Don t worry about taking anyone s practice time we have all had a lot of help from our seniors and it is very useful to the senior student to explain and help you to progress.)

One final note; The first few months are the most difficult so we strongly recommend that you set a three month goal of regular attendance and stick to it! You will be amazed at how fast those first few months will go by and how much you will have learned in such a short period of time. That s all there is to it Just get on the mat and start practicing. You will never regret your decision to start on the path that is Aikido.